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Gofer Story
Next hole-in-one - 2028

I was laying awake about 4:30 the other morning, just listening to the inner sounds of my sinus' popping and squeaking when a thought popped into my mind. I knew it wasn't my sinus'. It was definitely further inside my head.

Anyway...I figured out I have been playing golf pretty steady since l967 averaging two times each week. I play more now than years ago but, I think twice a week as an average is pretty close. That's about 3,536 rounds of golf.

Each round of golf has four par three holes - again on average. That's l4,144 chances I've had to hit the ball into the hole on the first try. Barring a fluke; where the ball bounces off a tree, building, person, passing car full of Nuns or whatever, it's not all that easy.

You do have to pick the right club and hit the ball in the right direction. You'd think you could do it once a year or so. I've done it exactly ONCE in over fourteen thousand attempts. And it took me thirty years to do it.

That means my next hole-in-one isn't due until the year 2028.

It should be easier then because I'll be playing those short executive courses.


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