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Why Play Golf Alone? There's no reason now!    
Golf Budy is the only site dedicated to teaming you up with your ideal golfing partner. Run by golfers, for golfers. Golf Budy allows you to conveniently and privately search through hundreds of players in your area who are looking for a golf game at your convenience.

There comes a time when all golfers for one reason or another miss out on a round of golf. As a golfer myself I have been there. Having up to five playing partners you would think that’s not possible. Well we all know it happens and how upsetting it is when it occurs. If I had 10 or 15 golf partners to choose from, the chance of missing what is my favorite part of the week is zero.

How would you like to play at another golf course? Well now that’s possible. Our members play at some of the most famous courses around the world. Golf Budy opens the door to those Golf Clubs I have only dream of playing on. You are now able to get the opportunity here at Golf Budy!


Search our website by gender, age and handicap, select your state and country and you’ll be well on your way to finding a tee-off partner.

Signing up to Golf Budy allows you to enter your name and details into the database so you can be found by other golfers who are looking for someone like you. Make new friends, find new challenges and improve your game all without having to buy your way into a country club.

Golfers who travel overseas, well we have members looking for you too.
What great news, all you have to do is sign up and enjoy the greatest game of them all around the world. London, America, Africa, Europe. Play at world famous links. Does it get any better?

and stay up to date as to what's happening in the World of Golf.

Your email address will never be sold and you can easily unsubscribe at anytime.


Whether you’re a once-a-year amateur or a technician, who takes there golf seriously, Golf Budy is for everyone.

So why wait?

Gold members automatically receive an email from others members who match your profile on the day they join.

For beginners, it takes only a small amount of time to learn. A lifetime to master.

You never know, you may even find some romance on the course!

Don't keep this a secret!... Let your golfing friends know about Golf Budy. Tell A Friend!

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